SHIFT is a support group that welcomes anyone that is caring for a child with a SEND (with or without diagnosis).

To contact us for more information please email

Jules (Secretary) and we will be happy to help you.

Other ways of support:

Join our facebook support group, by visiting this page:

Shift Abingdon Facebook Page

We accept any parents/carers of children with SEND or other support organisations such as AFSO who can help support you. 

If you join the facebook group: SHIFT Abingdon, you will be automatically considered a member of our group and therefore, it is a requirement to be part of our mailing list. If you go by another name on Facebook, please inform us of this on our membership form so that we can authorise you. 

Join our mailing list to be kept up to date with our sessions, events etc. We will also share things that we think might be helpful or useful that's going on in the area etc

To join our mailing list please click on this link:

Shift Mailing List